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CCAC Conferences



David S. Folland, MD, Citizens' Climate Lobby Salt Lake City

“It was truly outstanding, with informative presenters with diverse viewpoints and information, and lively discussion. The venue and meal were also superb. You geared the conference towards action.”

Jim Goodwin, RECAB/Intermountain Bioneers/Bear River Watershed Council

“That was a great group of important players you and your group pulled together.  Thanks so much for an important and informative day. I really enjoyed it.”

Rachel Otto, Breathe Utah

“I thought it was really productive, well-organized, and energizing.”

Donna McAleer, Candidate 1st Congressional District

“It was an engaging, informative and inspiring day.  One in which a community of active citizens came together to develop strategies to reduce the number of unhealthy air days that affect all of us."

Erin Mendenhall, Salt Lake City Council District 5

“What an awesome event!  I have been to several consortiums around the state over the last many years and I must say, yesterday’s event took the cake.  Your team of organizers did an excellent job of recruiting a diverse group of presenters, keeping talks to a timely and relevant length, and getting a good turnout from the public and students.” 

Kate Stephens, Center for Civic Engagement & Service-Learning

"Thanks so much for organizing such an important event.  I know it was a lot of work and it certainly paid off.  I feel less hopeless and more empowered to make a difference.  Look forward to being part of the consortium again next year!"

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