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The Workshops


There will be 4 workshops.  Each participant may choose 1 of the 4.  Each workshop will be capped at 25 people. The workshops should result in clear actions and assignments for its members. Something tangible, and either small and doable, or, if larger, longer term goals, something that can be broken down into smaller steps to achieve it. As our 2nd annual, this is the next level of the clean air conversation in Cache Valley, where we move past the low-hanging fruit and have a conversation about some of the systemic changes that need to take place in order to really start putting a dent in our pollution problem.


  • Education (K-12).  Dr. Nat Frazer, Chair of Utah Society of Environmental Education will be leading this effort to incorporate air quality education into the local school system.

  • Business.  UCAIR will be leading this workshop to incorporate a focus on big institutions like business and public infrastructure.

  • Public Outreach/Marketing.  Dr. Edwin Stafford and Alexi Lamm, USU Sustainability Coordinator, will lead this group.

  • Planning.  Envision Utah.





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